Above Ground Metal Tanks

Above ground metal tanks

The All Tanks Australia above ground metal tanks range provides an authentic corrugated tank range which are perfect for the majority of sites. Our metal tanks are either Slimline or Round and are hand made to measure using Aquaplate metal which ensures a corrosion free tank.

Integrated Pump Package

Above ground metal tanks

We offer you the option of the EVO II submersible pump package which is fully integrated into the top of the tank.  The cover on the top of the slimline or round tanks, hides underneath it the Davey KRBS1 stainless steel submersible pump and Davey Rainbank mains water diversion device + 2 x cartridge filters and electrical.

This package is a leader in its field and provides a turn key / plug and play above ground metal tanks and submersible pump package, which is perfect for all urban above ground tank applications. Our tanks are available in all Colourbond colours.

Tank Sizes

Above ground metal tanks

Above ground metal tanks

Slimline Tanks                                                                                                         Round Tanks

Length  1200mm to 3500mm Dia 700mm to 3500mm
Width 550mm up to 1150mm Height 730mm to 3010mm
Height  1020mm to 2020mm



Slimline tanks                                     600 ltr to a maximum of 7,090 ltrs

Round tanks                                        270 ltr to a maximum of 28,960 ltrs.

Contact us to find the size and volume which best suits your site.