Above Ground Poly Tanks

Above Ground Poly TanksThe All Tanks Australia above ground poly tanks range provides a durable aesthetic range of tanks with a size and shape to suit most dwellings.

We offer either Slimline or Round above ground poly tanks.

The tanks come in all colourbond colours. Refer to the chart below for sizes.

Slimline Poly Tank Range



1,180 1350L x 600W x 2130H
1,650 2660L x 700W x 1250H
2,000 2250L x 625W x 1930H
3,000 2660L x 700W x 2130H
3,000 3040L x 760W x 1865H
4,000 2600L x 920W x 2170H
4,000 3090L x 910W x 1890H
5,000 3080L x 940W x 2170H
5,000 3160L x 1160W X 1850H

Round Poly Tank Range

Ltrs Dimensions
1,800 1560Dia x 1220H
3,000 1600Dia x 1850H
4,100 2170Dia x 1495H
4,500 1830Dia x 2050H
5,000 2175Dia x 1750H
5,675 2020Dia x 2000H
9,000 2530Dia x 2020H
10,000 2510Dia x 2350H
13,500 2930Dia x 2500H
18,200 3400Dia x 2520H
22,700 3550Dia x 2700H
34,000 4180Dia x 3050H