Commercial / Industrial Tanks

Providing up to 250,000 litres of storage capacity, our Commercial / Industrial Tank Range Commercial Industrial Tanksis the product of nearly 80 years of manufacturing and rain harvesting experience from our partners.

Manufactured from tough Australian galvanised steel or Colorbond®. The Commercial / Industrial Tank range is specifically engineered to withstand our harsh Australian outback and can be built anywhere in our great country.

Our tanks have the highest wind rating in the marketplace and many options including geotextile fabric protection as standard inclusions. The Stockman, a proud Australian name and a tank you can rely on to help drought proof your property!

           Capacity                       Diameter
27,000 L           5,940 Gal             4.24m
38,000 L           8,360 Gal             5.01m
53,000 L          11,661 Gal            5.9m
77,000 L          16,942 Gal            7.16m
112,000 L        24,642 Gal            8.59m
152,000 L        33,443 Gal            10.03m
252,000 L        55,445 Gal            12.89m

All tanks 1.94m High

Commercial Industrial Tanks

Standard inclusions:„

-  500 mm inlet screen and UV light guard
„-  550 mm lockable access hatch
„-  100 mm overflow
„-  50 mm metal outlet & ball valve
„-  Heavy duty woven liner
„-  Geotextile fabric under liner
„-  Vermin & dust proofing
„-  Hot dipped galvanised roof trusses
„-  Sacrificial anode
„-  Water level indicator
„-  Hold down brackets
„-  Bluescope Galvanised steel or Colorbond® finish
„-  20 year pro rata warranty


Commercial Above Ground Tanks

„-  Removable ladder
„-  150 mm overflow
„-  100 mm metal outlet & ball valve
„-  50 mm scour drain
- „ Roof ventilator
- „ Roof fascia panel
- „ Camlock or Storz firefighting fittings
„-  Custom sizing and capacities