Our Products

All Tanks Australia specializes in rainwater tanks and pump packages. Our above and underground water tanks / pump packages are specifically configured to satisfy the NSW BASIX requirements.

We have sourced an array of metal, poly and concrete tanks to satisfy all manner of design / site requirements.

As a point of difference we have developed CAD and PDF drawings of most of our water tanks and pump combinations. This provides an extremely easy specification tool for the hydraulic engineers and architects but also a great installation reference for the many plumbers / builders who use our products.

NEW Range of Poly above and underground tanks just arrived!!!

Above Ground Tanks – Round & Slimline – Metal & Poly

Underground Tanks - Concrete & Poly

Residential / Commercial Pump Packages – Above Ground & Submersible, we fulfill hydraulic engineers specifications

Please contact us to discuss your projects specific requirements and which solution would best suit.

Rainwater Tanks in Use - Sign